Tuesday, 17 May 2011

What we do!

Hello to all our members, old and new alike! We've grown as a community so I thought it was time again to let everyone know what it is we do :)

Regional Shout Outs:
If you are interested in finding other crafters, businesses and services in your area then this is how we try to make that happen. We post up once a day asking for businesses in a specific area and everyone who comments with their business name gets a special shout-out on our fb wall, then the next day those businesses are added to a showcase blog which acts as a business directory. 

Advertisement Tuesdays:
Every Tuesday we ask businesses to post up on our fb wall with details of an item they would like to sell, a photo and a price for everyone to see and pass along to friends and family who may love it! Then every Friday we have a special shopping blog featuring the businesses who posted on the wall.

Special Feature Blogs:
Every week I will write a special feature blog on different themes or specific articles depending on whether people in our community request one. These blogs feature a wide range of businesses. I will add a post to our facebook wall asking businesses to add their details if they sell anything related to the theme. Any photo's used will be credited to the owner.

Craft Fairs:
We also organise craft fairs. We have an Autumn fair in Wellingborough this October and I am trying to organise a Summer Fair in Wellingborough and a Christmas Fair in Reading.
For more information on our Autumn fair you can visit our official group:
I will also try to find craft fairs around the UK for people interested in their areas and can't find any. I will also post up events on the facebook page as often as possible.
I am also trying to set up a few Crafters Coffee Mornings, where you can meet other crafters in your area and swap tips or just natter and all for the price of a cup of coffee (or tea, hot chocolate or water!!) I will be approaching local cake makers to make us a cake for our mornings too!

Business Directory:
Our website is a very large business directory that keeps growing week by week. If you would like to be included in the directory just contact me, it is free all I ask is that you pass the website along to as many people as possible, the more people know about it the better it is for all our businesses. You can find our website here:

So that's what we do, as we grow so will our services and hopefully so will your businesses. Pop over to our facebook page and get involved!

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  1. Its great to have a business of personalised gifts which are liked by everyone.