Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Charity Raffle

Here at Our Local Crafts we have decided to support the Rosie Campaign as our charity this year. 

A couple of months ago I was approached by a very lovely woman called Rachel whose newborn baby, Ella, had been saved by new medical equipment, (Ella is now 1 and doing very well!) she was trying to find businesses around the UK who would kindly donate towards a charity auction she was holding online, I agreed and with mine and a lot of other businesses donations she raised over £800 in one auction, since then Rachel has tirelessly begun raising more money for the Rosie Campaign so that other children can be helped like Ella was.
You can read all about Rachel and Ella and their efforts to raise money here:

So to aid them both and their quest to raise even more money I have decided to have a charity raffle at our Northamptonshire Summer Fete and Autumn Fair. All the money raised from this stall will go to the Rosie Campaign.
To make this a fantastic success I am asking people to kindly donate extra prizes to this raffle. (Don't worry I wouldn't ask you to do it without donating myself!)
Everyone who sends in a item for the raffle will have their item reviewed for the Our Local Craft Review Section and they are also free to post a business card in with the parcel so that the winners can see more of your items. You will also be able to add them to a photo album on the Our Local Crafts Facebook page so that people can see how generous you are (and will act like an advertisement gallery of your work!)

Let me know if you would love to donate to this cause by emailing me at
and I will send details of where to send your item and what'll happen next.

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