Wednesday, 4 May 2011

So You've Found A Craft Fair...

So you've found your first craft fair... congratulations but what do you do now?

It isn't easy to know what to expect on your first ever craft fair or market so with help from a few wonderful people over on our facebook page I have compiled a list of hints and tips to help you through get through it without cracking up! 

  • Make sure you plan ahead what you will be taking to the fair, taking into account what you may sell before hand, don't leave it to the last minute to decide.
  • Is there a table provided? If there is make sure to take a very nice cover or sheet to put over it, you never know what condition it will be in.
  • Setting up your own table can be a nightmare in and of itself, make sure you know how to put it up, don't spend all morning faffing around with it!
  • Dress for the occasion, don't forget its not just your items that are on sale, you are selling yourself as the face of the business... also dress for the weather, take a coat, there is nothing worse than a frozen stall holder.
  • Dress your table. Add covered tiered boxes for height and depth to your products, give your customers chance to see your items in all their glory and not just thrown on the table before them.
  • Take change. Lots of change. Customers will most likely pay with notes. If possible take at least £20's worth of change in £1 coins, 50p, 20p, 10p and 1s and 2s.
  • Take food and drink. You will get hungry and you will end up sending someone to grab you an expensive sandwich or worse. 
  • Take hand wipes, food can be sticky and no one wants sugared coins as change.
  • Business cards are a must! People may have come only to look but if you give them a card they will remember you when they have some money to spend.
  • Chat to the other stall holders, they are a very valuable source of information and will also make great friends when trade slacks a bit. Plus they will mind your stall when you need to go for that all important toilet trip.
  • Know where the toilets are, no good spending all day wandering around lost, not at your stall because you have no idea how to a) get to the toilets or b) get back!
  • Smile!
  • Don't be too put off if you don't make a lot of money, especially if the market is regular and you are new, people take a bit of getting used to the new stall and it may also be that people don't have the money to spend that week/month. (Now is the time to hand the card over!)
  • Chat to the customers, making sure that you take notice of other customers around your stall who are looking to buy something there and then rather than chat.
  • Do you customise your items? Tell the customer!
  • Have a good time, it isn't all about the selling, you have to get something out of it too!
There you have it, some helpful and handy hints and tips for your first craft fair. Don't forget these aren't rules just helpful tips... take a deep breath and breathe, you'll be fine!

A big thank you to; Jeeberella's Craft Castle for helping with the hints and tips.

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  1. Yey! Thanks for following up my suggestion! Hopefully it will help other first time stall holders as it helped me :)