Monday, 16 May 2011

Occasion Cakes, Chocolates and Sweets

Finding the right cake for the occasion can be difficult to say the least. One of the biggest questions is where to go, now there is anything wrong with shop bought I'm sure they are practical and quick but where's the choice, the personality and importantly where's the love? 
Occasion cakes need love and attention, they also need to be flexible, some people just don't like raspberry jam and why should you compromise when it's your occasion.
If you're anything like me making them is out of the question, my cakes are only good as a cheap pudding when  I've run out of ice cream and as for decorating them.. well lets just forget that nightmare right now. There is no way I'm going to volunteer or be asked to make a special occasion cake for anyone!

So where do you go?
To help you decide here are some excellent small businesses that hand make and lovingly create the perfect cakes for your occasions.

The Daisy Cake Company
Based in Banstead, Surrey
Used with permission from The Daisy Cake Company
Wonderfully designed and made from scratch, you will find an amazing range of designs, sizes and flavours to cater for any occasion you have planned. You can also find a great selection of home made biscuits on offer. To see a gallery of their work visit their 
website or facebook page.

Della's Sweet Treats
Based in Leicestershire
Used with permission from Della's Sweet Treats
On the 15th June you will be able to find amazing handmade chocolates perfect as a gift for yourselves or others. Made with love and a lot of attention, you won't be disappointed with their selection or quality. You can see a sneak preview of their chocolates on their website and facebook page.

Icandy Creations - Personalised Occasions & Weddings
Based in London
Used with permission from Icandy Creations
You can find personalised love heart sweets here, perfect for any special occasion these will make anyone receiving them smile. Also available in goodie bags for children. Make sure to visit their facebook page for more information and a gallery of their work.

Mama's Home Baking
Based in South Wales
Used with permission from Mama's Home Baking
Great home baked and decorated cakes for you occasion. These wonderful cakes are lovingly hand made and look will look great as a centre piece to your event. Whether you need a large cake or just a small cupcake you won't be disappointed. Visit their facebook page for more information and a gallery of their work.

Based in Alderholt
Used with permission from Complicakes
Beautiful cakes for your special occasions. Whether you are after something simple or elaborate you will find something to your taste here. If you're looking for anniversary or children's birthday cakes you won't be disappointed with their range nor their designs. For a full gallery of works visit their facebook page.

Yummiyummy Cakes
Based in Nottingham
Used with permission from Yummiyummy Cakes
Whether you are looking for something large and beautifully decorated or something small and simple you will find something you like here. With an amazing range of cakes for all occasions you won't have trouble picking something out. For a information and a full gallery of works visit their facebook page.

Jades Cake Factory
Based in Lowestoft
Used with permission from Jades Cake Factory
With some fantastic designed handmade large cakes and cupcakes on offer for all occasions you are sure to find something that suits you and your event. Christening, Birthdays and more all catered for. For more information and a gallery of their works visit their website or facebook page.

Metal Munchiez
Based in Portsmouth
Used with permission from Metal Munchiez
Some great cakes available for any occasion. Birthday's, Christmas and more. If you are having a great event with a little bit of metal involved then these cakes are also for you. With a great range of dark, fun and musical based cakes you can be sure your event is catered for. For a full gallery of works visit their facebook page.

Ella's Cakes
Based in Stansted, Essex

An amazing range of gorgeous handmade and hand decorated cakes for all occasions. If you are looking for something sweet, cute and well made then these are for you. Beautiful designs that will look fantastic as a centrepiece to your event or occasion. For a full gallery of works visit their website or facebook page.

There you have it, a fantastic list of local UK cake makers. I hope you find that special cake for your occasion or event and if you know someone who would love this list please feel free to pass it along.
For more businesses like this visit our website and facebook page.

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