Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Our Services

This is just a quick blog (if it's possible for me!) to let everyone know the services we offer, as we are growing quite rapidly now and my posts on the FB page are kind of getting lost :)

My aim is to get UK small businesses noticed, proving to everyone that small business is alive and kicking and in most instances 100% better quality than most high street retailers (Friendlier too!) therefore promoting our items and services and in return getting the sales we deserve.

Every day on our facebook page I hold special shout-outs for businesses in specific areas. Posting those showcased in our blog here and on our website, tweeting it and promoting them through my personal and own business pages. Our FB page is also where you can find up to date information on fetes and fairs in your area. We have plenty of people on there who advertise their available stalls and up and coming markets. 
It's also the place to go if you are looking for a specific item either custom made or pre made as we have quite a lot of businesses advertising and regularly using our page.

Our website is where you can find our business directories for both retail and services. It is also where you will be able to find information on reviewed products from both me and members of our community, this feature will be available from Wednesday 20th April.

The majority of our services are free including being added to our directories, however we do have a new paid service available this will include:

  • Your business showcased, with a full write up of what you offer, where your based, prices, links, pictures and what special offers you have on if any.
  • Advertised on our website, twitter page, blog and FB page.
This service costs £3.99

I can be contacted via our website or by emailing sales@yummyspirit.co.uk

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